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Remote Engine Shut-off / Remote Kill Switch
(for motorized vehicles)

For vehicles with factory 12V batteries.

(ie. push button electric start)
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Price $74.99
For vehicles without factory batteries..

(ie. pull start or kick start)
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Price $84.99

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Product Description
For use with Motorcycles, ATVs, Rhino's, Razors, Go-Karts , Buggies, 4x4s, Generators and other motorized vehicles.

3Built’s Remote Engine Shut-off Systems (RES) were developed to instantly cut the engine’s ignition system with the push of a button.

۰Designed with your child's safety in mind but applicable to any vehicle that may need to be disabled remotely. No need to run after your child with 10 foot rope tethered kill switch. Just press a button.

۰Allows you to monitor your vehicle up to 250 feet away.

۰Can be installed on virtually any motorcycle, ATV, snow-mobile, go-cart, generator, rhino, rock crawler, truck or car.
  (May need wiring diagram for installation; available through your dealer.)

۰Pressing the LOCK button on the remote activates a relay in the receiver that functions similar to the factory Off/Run switch.

۰Pressing the UNLOCK button releases the relay and allows the vehicle to be restarted. The RES units do not restart the vehicle.

۰Functions with Normally Open or Normally Closed type ignitions switches.

۰Each kit is individually coded from over a million possibilities so it will not affect another RES. Two or more RES units can be custom ordered to work on the same code. Multiple remotes for each receiver are also available.

۰RES units can also be used as a simple security system. In the LOCK state the vehicle cannot be started.

۰RES kits include everything you need for a quick and easy installation: RES Receiver, RES Remote Control, wire connections, quick disconnect, zip ties, and instructions. The RES6VU-B also includes a 4-AA battery pack. (Batteries not included)

۰We recommend disconnecting the power source to the RES by unplugging the included power connector to avoid draining the battery while not in use. Always TEST your batteries and RES operation before each use.

۰Designed and manufactured by 3Built LLC.

۰Installation Instructions & Documents

۰Replacement Parts


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